Well-groomed is a good look. Maybe that explains why waxing services continue to grow in popularity for men.

After all, what’s not to love? With Smooth Wax Lounge wax services, you’ll get smoother results that last longer, you’ll never have to worry about razor burn again, and it’s great for hard-to-reach places like your back and shoulders.


Waxing Services

Facial Hair Waxing

Love it or not, facial hair’s a fact of life. But we all have it, so you’re in good company!

Smooth Wax Lounge offers facial waxing services for women and men. Let one of our licensed Wax Specialists help you remove, shape, or groom your facial hair so that it suits that amazing face of yours.


Generally, chin hair is thicker and has stronger roots, which makes waxing a smart choice. While there are other methods for removing chin hair, waxing is especially beneficial here.


As you might imagine, ears can be difficult to wax on your own! If you find yourself in need of ear hair removal, professional facial waxing is (in our humble opinion) one of your very best options.


The more you wax, the less painful it becomes. That hard-to-reach hair around the mouth is no match for our Wax Specialists.


Both women and men have sideburns, but having dark or thick sideburns might make you feel self-conscious. Ditto for having an uneven hairline. Waxing your sideburns and hairline will give you that perfect, clean line.


Because cheek hair is fine and light, it can be difficult to remove. Facial waxing can help get every last pesky bit of facial fuzz. In fact, the more often you wax these areas, the finer that hair will come in time after time.


These unwanted stragglers on the front, sides, and back of your neck are easily taken care of with facial waxing.


Our Wax Specialist will focus on waxing the outer edge as well as the inside of your nostrils (similarly to how you’d use hair trimmers). Because the nose is so sensitive, it’s important to let a Specialist wax this area.


It’s all about the eyebrows! Our Wax Specialists are pros at helping to shape the perfect brow for both men and women.

How men can benefit from waxing:

Hair removal can last up to 3 weeks

Hair grows back lighter and less dense

Future clean-ups get easier and easier

No more razor burn or itchy stubble

Our Wax Specialists can get those hard-to-reach spots